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Once you know how Memorjet started, we do believe that you want to be following our work in our Social Media aswell. We will try to share our work on Social Media. But, we want to let you know that few posts on Facebook and Instagram will be in Albanian language. Because our main audience are Albanian speaking people. Instagram Click here for our Instagram profile. Facebook Clicl here for our Facebook profile Pinterest ClickContinue reading

How did Memorjet started?

Memorjet all started with an idea to calm myself down, because of a stressful work. Normally, I am an architect. As time passed, I needed to find myself one hobby which would calm me down. So I tired my first work in a “pulley”. I liked it, by time I continued to work more. Later on, the idea to make a combination of a embroidery and digital came through, so here how Memorjet started. TogetherContinue reading

What is “Memorjet”?

Memorjet means memories in Albanian language. And we do think that memories are golden. This is why to make memories eternal, we with hand embroidery create an unique personalized gifts. Embroider your most special memories in material of canvas. The most precious memories and moments captured in the photographs are decorated with personalized work embroidery. Send your best picture and order it online for yourself or your mom, your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

Dimensions of the gifts

One of the frequently asked questions from you is about dimensions. With this illustration we want to inform you about the possible dimensions for handmade embroidery with Memories. You can stick your memories into these dimensions: 20×20 cm 18×24 cm 24×30 cm 30×40 cm 50×70 cm

“Memorjet” is the gift for endless happiness

We continue to share the love with our clients. Imagine happiness in the face of a friend if you give her a gift like “Memorjet”. Artistic and proper gifts for friends, sisters and friends. Send your or someone else’s memories of happiness and smile. The most precious memories and moments captured in the photographs are decorated with custom handmade embroidery. Send your best picture. Set the dominant flower color. Decide on the quotation or messageContinue reading